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No, unless it is fair - when the car does not stop the person? If you are the adult person and you need to stop urgently, and doctors have decided you to destroy why at the same time not to write to one person? Behind fight and danger, loyal friends already from you have run off for a long time, that bullets would not touch them. It would Seem, that else to wish to Vadim? And is not present, it is not sat to Vadim at home, its road, and not somewhere, and on searches of adventures again attracts. There is, that a travel, to the country of fools, begins there where for it at all did not wait.


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Dropper in WORD 1997-2003


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"Dead under a dropper" the story, a translation from Russian.

Vadim the intellectual in the first generation. At it not only mother with the father, but even the grandfather with the grandma to read were able the newspaper "Truth". Vadim in the childhood was always the sociable, cheerful child. He, as a cat, jumped on a room and ran, on road near the house, frightening of shouts of casual passers-by. But it not from disobedience. Vadim very sensitively reacts to remarks of mother, looking it fool in the face. He gently loved the father, two sisters and the brother. In the childhood parents watched it that Vadim has not left on a bicycle on a carriageway, has not fallen from a tree or has not dropped out of a window. He studied well, but teachers complained of its restlessness and not rare fights during a lesson.

When he has grown, from it the good head has turned out. But the ninetieth year, have changed to it a life. They were careful, and always remembered the promises. Extraordinary diligence and purposefulness, always rescued his life. Undertaken something, did not stop, yet did not achieve the. Possessing good abilities to get something rare and scarce. Also worked, in most that on is an intelligent place - at school. After divorce with the wife it began to change often work.

There has passed time. With the brother-in-law Vadim has called on the old acquaintance, have greeted and lodge in a corner. Here all, at last, settle round a table with snack and the mistress has started to spill vodka in thimbles. Vadim at the brother-in-law has again taken an interest quietly:

- And that vodka it is translated? Thimbles that it to drink.

- Do not do a clever kind, - the brother-in-law, - we with you as Japanese, at tea ceremony has answered., tea drink and there the main thing - process, and tea could absolutely and not to be. And we with you to drink have come.

Thank God, for a long time this ceremony was not tightened. Right after thimbles, that is minutes through ten, all company amicably took the big piles. And under snack they have considerably become cheerful. After not a long feast, Vadim has gone home, having left the brother-in-law from the old acquaintance.

Vadim on road has come into shop and took a beer bottle. In shop he has had time to communicate to the saleswoman. Having seen the depressed saleswoman, he has asked it:

- On a clod the young woman is killed?

- Too to me - the intellectual, - whispers it in the answer.

Vadim was developed, having bought a beer bottle. He has easy sighed. Going on sidewalk, drank beer, he looked on passing cars. Has by passed Fard Fokal, he looked to it following, recollecting as it worked at factory FARD. As it is dashing, all of them were in soap, and is diligent under the guidance of the chief made marriage. The mood raised, and the road became shorter. Here it has appeared near to a pedestrian crossing on Leninsk the prospectus.

Near to transition stood two men. One years twenty, to the second years forty, т on them have been dressed waistcoat GIBDD. And they explained to the grandmother who with all attention, listened to them. Vadim has risen near to it and the beginnings attentively to listen, that they spoke:

- Now the grandmother, at us in Peter, all transitions have made paid - now, all for hundred roubles, it is possible not being afraid to pass road. This retaliatory measure with one purpose is accepted - to lower death rate among pedestrians. And drivers too have not ignored, they too pay, but, that on road there is no pedestrian.

- You that the son absolutely sick? - She looked at it and was christened. - put, spat on all of you. With my pension?

- We here and? - That is more senior Said. - Address to the governor its this order.

- The son you will allow to me road to pass as the old person?

- Hundred roubles.

- Put, spat. - it was developed, and has quickly gone. - wish old men to lay in a coffin of all.

- And now absolutely, that want, will do. - turning to Vadim a sight. - also will search under wheels?

- Yes is not present. - Puzzly looking at them, - likely and should be.

- But it is possible to look at a situation under other eyes, progressive: not to fine drivers, and to resolve it at each brought down person out of a pedestrian crossing zone, to take away, that is in pockets. It already on REGISTRY OFFICE consideration.

- You of that it is serious?

- And as you a thought. - looking fool in the face to Vadim. - you thought, that the governor will not put things in order on roads.

- It is assured. - with a smile on the person Vadim spoke. - that very quickly in the ranks of pedestrians the self-discipline and original respect for traffic rules will be shown.

- Give the muzhik hundred roubles, and pass road.

- Not ridiculously. - Vadim thoughtfully spoke. Has got hundred roubles and has given to them. - Well, - he has told slowly, - listen, I have gone?

- Go. - the senior has told.

And Vadim has gone, on road of cars was not. Lateral sight he has seen the car, has turned and has looked at it. - Where you go? - Showing to hands that it is necessary to stop while Vadim has not passed road. Apparently, the driver with not a happy sight did not wish to make way. Shares of second they looked each other in the face. One stood as driven, and another went on it and who from them did not wish to concede.

 Blow. Vadim flies a cowl, the car of mark Fard Fakal stops through two metres.

Vadim has seen rapaciously-sparkling eyes of the driver, feeling in the inaccessible

To height a smell of warm tasty blood. But here to the driver has not carried, he did not know, that Vadim has presented, as vile creatures swarm up his feet. He has tried to rise and break there and then, falls, the driver picks up it, and again, making a start from the driver, it does a step, and it again picks up obstinately. Here two "fools" - the driver has thought. Here two "idiots" - Vadim has thought. Suddenly the friend, obstinately peered, because someone's sufferings is their pleasure. Vadim sat on the brink of road, periodically trying to rise on feet, but they were ill very strongly. He hardly understood that is created in a circle it. There were two militiamen road patrol which looked at it and smiled. And these too test pleasure, - Vadim has thought. Through any time, Vadim has asked militiamen:

- I home will go?

- Sit now "fast" will arrive.

Vadim has tried to rise, but the sharp pain has pierced it. Its semiconscious condition, did not give it rest. After a while has arrived "fast", and has brought it to hospital.

 In an accident ward, in hospital about it constantly forgot. Initial indignation smoothly began to pass in a normal condition. In an office have taken temperature and pressure. Then has suggested to wait, when to it will make the analysis. Laying on a stretcher in the huge hall filled with cripples of different age, - pleasure, not from "pleasant", especially when itself same. At last, after one and a half hour, to Vadim have made the analysis, it was necessary to it also to convince doctors, that at it the second foot is broken, have defined crisis, have imposed the tyre on one foot, and on the second did not become. Have brought on Vadim's stretcher to hospital chamber, and there it have laid in a bed. He has fallen asleep.

Vadim has woken up in spacious chamber, at night he has not had time to make out it, and he has silently said:

- Thank God, - looking in a ceiling, - all already behind!

- Not be self-confident, - has noticed the neighbour on the right. - You money prepare.

- I already second time, - have told the neighbour at the left, - the organism has not accepted the first plate.

At this time in chamber doors the head of the treating surgeon has seemed.

- Nonsense to speak, - having looked on again "arrived", - at us medicine free will suffice.

Vadim looked, how the pigeon fights in a chamber window so he tries to be pulled out from this awful world. And here he began to understand, that his life in his hands. He understands, that time so has not enough, and he a little that will have time to make in the life and consequently it is necessary to forget about all nonsenses, about all unnecessary affairs and to put before itself one, but the great purpose.

But here has definitively blossomed, there has come day, air has become warmer. Vadim chose words, slowly, has mentally addressed to patients:

- Help me, please! Then all of us we will be happy.

He with a smile has looked at everything, but, has seen gloomy expression of persons, has attentively looked in eyes, has started to doze. Having slightly opened eyes, he has seen, that is direct to it slowly there was a young woman. Vadim was straightened, peering into it. And when it has approached little bit more close - the gauging amazed with its unusual beauty.

  - Blood from a finger, - has told the nurse, wiping cotton wool with spirit, a finger to Vadim, - that so shiver?

 - Terribly, - Vadim has answered, - you only not so painfully do, - he asked, closing eyes.

When the nurse took blood, she has smiled, and Vadim is blinked looked at it. It so all the day long, silently, has lain on a bed. The immense decline was poured by impossible colours, and the soft silence has gone down with coming evening. But to fall asleep this night to it it was not possible, for a minute. First in its tired brain scraps of uncertain thoughts and images raged, but then he began to recollect, that to it not pleasant in a life occurred. And still he has fallen asleep at daybreak.

Has passed four days. Vadim, at last, has heard long-awaited news: On an extract. Has not passed also quarters of hour as Vadim houses have come to be. Vadim considered, that it was arranged absolutely not bad. Here only as it will move on the house with sick feet? There were days, there passed months

All the same he has died under a dropper, having lain dead all night long. To whom is the lonely depressive person necessary?


The statement:

All resulted in V.Klementyev's Andrey's story Dead under a dropper the organisations, people, places and events are invented. Any communications with the real organisations, people, places and events are casual. To Contact the author it is possible by e-mail motorist.klyoma@yandex.ru


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